School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Majors

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The School of Environmental & Biological Sciences (SEBS) offers a variety of majors and minors that require general chemistry. A check mark in the table below indicates that it is a required course or a prerequisite. For more details, see the department’s website.

Name Major Minor
Agriculture and Food Systems Website plantsci
Animal Science Website animalsci2
Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology Website meteorology
Biochemistry  √ Website molbio
Bio-Environmental Engineering Website ecology
Biological Sciences Website genetics
Biotechnology Website lifesci
Botany/Plant Science Website plantsci
Chemistry – Core Option  √ Website science_learn
Chemistry – Chemical Biology Option Website science_learn
Chemistry – Chemical Physics Options  √ Website science_learn
Chemistry – Environmental Option Website science_learn
Chemistry – General ACS Option Website science_learn
Companion Animal Science Website animalsci2
Ecology and Evolution  √ Website ecology
Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources Website ecology
Environmental and Business Economics – Food Science and Management Economics Option Website agricultural%20economics
Environmental Sciences **  √ Website envisci
Food Science **  √ Website foodsci
Marine Science **  √ Website marine2
Microbiology  √ Website molbio
Nutritional Science  √ Website nutrition

**General Chemistry sequence not requirement/prerequisite for minor; however, several courses offered do list it as a prerequisite.