Info for High School Students

Many science tracks use General Chemistry as a “weeding out” course, whereby advancement is contingent upon some threshold performance level in the class.  The class must necessarily cover a broad range of conceptual material, while at the same time requiring students to apply these concepts in analytic problem solving at a high level.  Consequently, a large number of students are apprehensive about their ability to succeed in General Chemistry, and unfortunately, this apprehension is justified by statistics, which indicate that approximately 30% of students are not successful in the class (i.e., either drop out from the class, or receive a grade of D or F).

One of the key obstacles to success in General Chemistry is the level of preparedness of students for the high level of analytic problem solving skills required by the course.  In order to address this problem, Rutgers will offer this summer a new online course: Chem 133 “Preparation for General Chemistry” (ChemPrep Online). This 2-credit class is available to both incoming undergraduates as well as to advanced high school students. The course develops critical analytic problem solving skills within a chemistry context in order to facilitate a successful transition to the rigour and pace of college-level General Chemistry.  The course is not a survey of General Chemistry, but rather a type of chemistry “boot camp” that delves deeply into complex, multi-step problem solving in chemistry.

ChemPrep Online utilizes a new, state-of-the-art eLearning system that provides each student with a customized educational experience that features:

• Adaptive eLearning technology that delivers personalized instruction and learning pathways
• Unlimited general chemistry practice problems, with guided and worked solutions
• 12 month unlimited online access to the eLearning system and course material

In addition, students enrolled in ChemPrep Online work directly with Rutgers chemistry professors and instructors who monitor each student’s progress and provide personalized feedback and instruction.