Welcome to Chem 162

Welcome to Rutgers University General Chemistry!
Welcome to Chemistry 162! You now have one whole semester of general chemistry complete, and now you are ready to venture out on another journey through this course.

Chemistry 161 was about helping students to develop some very important skills, including logic, organization, problem-solving abilities, and application of ideas to real-life situations. For this exact reason, students from various fields are required to take general chemistry, from geology to food science, and pre-med to biotechnology. It is undoubtedly the central science, connecting all aspects of life and the universe at the molecular level.

Now as you move on to the second half of this course, you will use all of the skills learned from 161, and apply them to more intricate concepts and problem-solving scenarios. Topics include, but are not limited to, chemical kinetics, acid-base reactions, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Many believe 162 to be more challenging than 161, but also more enjoyable. You already have the basics down, so now is your chance to use them. As with Chem 161, the key is not to be intimidated, but rather curious, open-minded, and excited.