Chem 161 – General Chemistry I

General Chemistry (4,4)
Introduction to chemical principles and their application. Topics include stoichiometry, states of matter, atomic and molecular structure, solutions, thermodynamics, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, kinetics, nonmetals, metals and coordination compounds, and nuclear chemistry.
Lec. 3 hrs., rec. 1 hr. Pre-requisite for 161: 01:640:111 or 115 or equivalent. Pre- or corequisite for 162: 01:160:171. Prerequisite for 162: 01:640:111 or 115 or equivalent. For science majors. Credit not given for both these courses and 01:160:163-164.

For the Fall 2015 semester, we will be using this textbook: Chemistry: Structure and Properties by Nivaldo J. Tro (special Rutgers edition from Pearson), ISBN #978-1-269-93567-8. The textbook comes with an access code used for the online homework system, MasteringChemistry by Pearson.

All recitations for Chemistry 161 will be given online via our own eGyan recitation system. Because of this, all students are also enrolled in 160:101. 161 is a 3-credit course, while 101 is a 1 credit course. However, you will receive the same grade in both courses automatically. This system has numerous benefits, including individual quizzes, immediate feedback, and schedule flexibility. Students should register their netID and check the schedule for a recitation that fits their schedule. For more information on this, please see our ChIPS page.

For course information, a list of instructors, and a Help Center, please see the Course Page.