Chem 161 – General Chemistry I

General Chemistry (4,4)
Introduction to chemical principles and their application. Topics include stoichiometry, states of matter, atomic and molecular structure, solutions, thermodynamics, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, kinetics, nonmetals, metals and coordination compounds, and nuclear chemistry.
Lec. 3 hrs., rec. 1 hr. Pre-requisite for 161: 01:640:111 or 115 or equivalent. Pre- or corequisite for 162: 01:160:171. Prerequisite for 162: 01:640:111 or 115 or equivalent. For science majors. Credit not given for both these courses and 01:160:163-164.
The textbook we are currently using in Chemistry 161 and 162 is CHEMISTRY: Atom’s First by Julia Burdge and Jason Overby, (special Rutgers edition from McGraw-Hill), ISBN #978-0-07-351116-0.  The textbook is augmented by state-of-the-art web tools for Chemistry eLearning developed by McGraw-Hill and by Rutgers General Chemistry eLearning System (GCeLS). In particular, the McGraw-Hill SmartBook and Connect systems will be used to deliver a customized educational experience.
What’s New: Starting in the fall semester 2013, classroom recitations will be replaced by virtual Chemistry Interactive Problem-solving Sessions (CHIPS) that are delivered online.  Further, this fall there will be a section of Chem 161 that is given online (with the exception of the examinations, which will be taken with the other Chem 161 sections at Rutgers).  Check back for further information!