Career Paths with Chemistry

Chemistry is an exciting field, filled with endless options when it comes to choosing a career. Whether your interest is more biological, physical, or even in business, there are countless applications of a chemistry degree. The following is an excerpt from the American Chemical Society’s website listing some of the common career paths. The link provides more details, including a thorough job description, the work environment, some important personality traits, and even the job outlook. Click Here for Full Article.

In simplest terms, chemistry is the science of matter. Anything that can be touched, tasted, smelled, seen or felt is made of chemicals.

Chemists are the people who transform the everyday materials around us into amazing things. Some chemists work on cures for cancer while others monitor the ozone protecting us from the sun. Still others discover new materials to make our homes warmer in the winter, or new textiles to be used in the latest fashions. The knowledge gained through the study of chemistry opens many career pathways. Here are just a few of the careers chosen by chemists.

Career Descriptions: