2013 Recipients of SAS Teaching Awards

The 2013 SAS Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education were held on May 7, honoring ten faculty members for accomplishments both within and beyond the classroom. Rutgers President Robert L. Barchi opened the ceremony with remarks that emphasized how important a strong arts and sciences program is to the university. Acting Executive Dean Richard S. Falk then presented the awards which cover the spectrum of SAS fields from Anthropology to Chemistry and Chemical Biology to French to Mathematics.

York100x150  When Professor Darrin York joined the Rutgers faculty in 2010, he outlined a multifaceted program to revolutionize the way we teach General Chemistry, and his impact has been inspirational. In the classroom, Professor Darin York’s lectures are received with tremendous enthusiasm that is rare for classrooms of more than 350 students. He has created a new Chemistry Lecture Demonstration facility that brings live illustrations of chemical principles into the classroom. He has developed and implemented a novel, modern General Chemistry e-Learning System that promises to transform the way students learn to solve General Chemistry problems, giving them customized instruction and feedback to overcome individual learning obstacles. While these general chemistry efforts alone might appear remarkable, Professor York also has been active in promoting undergraduate research and upper-level undergraduate instruction, including the development of two new undergraduate classes: “Chemical Dynamics” and “Chemistry and the Marine Environment.” In summary, Darrin York’s intensity and commitment to undergraduate education at all levels, coupled with his innovations in pedagogical methods, leadership, vision, and dedication to service, mark him as an ideal recipient for the SAS award.