About Us

Welcome to General Chemistry at Rutgers!

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has recently introduced a new general chemistry program aimed at providing the highest level of foundational education for incoming students.  New features to the program include 1) introduction of ChemPrep Online, a new class to help students prepare to be successful in General Chemistry, 2) development and implementation of new commercial and in-house online resources to for adaptive eLearning, 3) enhanced infrastructure for personalized instruction through virtual Chemistry Interactive Problem-solving Sessions (CHIPS),  coordinated study groups, and walk-in on-demand office hour/tutoring help, and 4) the creation of a Chemistry Lecture Demonstration (CLD) Facility that provides support to bring chemistry into the classroom with illustrative chemistry demonstrations.  We are very excited about this new program that promises to deliver the best quality education to our students.

Why study General Chemistry?

Chemistry is often referred to as the “Central Science” owing to its role in forming a bridge between the physical and life sciences.  A strong educational foundation in chemistry is thus paramount to practically all undergraduate majors in the sciences.  Consequently, General Chemistry is a vital gateway course for any student entering a discipline involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Why take General Chemistry at Rutgers?

No where is the role of chemistry as a central science more important than at Rutgers, where the University is actively merging with University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) through the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act.  This restructuring promises to strengthen biomedical research and education, and facilitate new relationships with local industries, many of which are driven by chemistry.  As a student of General Chemistry at Rutgers, you will interact with world class chemistry researchers that are pushing the cutting edge of science, and have opportunities to engage in these research efforts even at the undergraduate level!
Our General Chemistry program has undergone a transformation over the last two years, and starting this summer and next fall (2013), we are proud to be able to announce a number of outstanding improvements to the quality of education we can deliver to our students.
Some of the key new elements of General Chemistry that students will benefit from this year include:
  • Enhanced Online Resources
  • Better Infrastructure for Personalized Instruction
  • Exciting Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations

How do I prepare for General Chemistry at the college level?

One of the key obstacles to success in General Chemistry is the level of preparedness of students for the high level of analytic problem solving skills required by the course.  In order to address this problem, Rutgers will offer this summer a new online course: Chem 133 “Preparation for General Chemistry” (ChemPrep Online). This 2-credit class is available to both incoming undergraduates as well as to advanced high school students. The course develops critical analytic problem solving skills within a chemistry context in order to facilitate a successful transition to the rigour and pace of college-level General Chemistry.  The course is not a survey of General Chemistry, but rather a type of chemistry “boot camp” that delves deeply into complex, multi-step problem solving in chemistry.