George M. Giambasu

Postdoctoral Scholar, Rutgers University

About Me

George Giambasu is a computational chemist whose goal is to use and develop cutting edge molecular simulation techniques to build predictive models of how ion atmosphere forms around RNA and how it controls its dynamics and biologic function.

Education & Research

Rutgers University

2010 - 2016

Postdoctoral Scholar

Molecular Biophysics

Advisors: David A. Case & Darrin M. York

Analyzed and refined dynamic ensembles using novel tests for molecular dynamics simulations and NMR. Developed and tested new molecular models for describing solvation and thermodynamics of nucleic acids.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

2005 - 2010

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Computational Chemistry

Advisor: Darrin M. York

Applied and developed multiscale computational methodologies for studying biomolecular catalysis. Maapped for the first time the activation mechanism of a catalytic RNA swicth considered to be significant for the origins of life.

Romanian Academy of Science

2003 - 2005

Research Assistant

Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Advisor: Andrei J. Petrescu, Institute of Biochemistry

Initiated the use of molecular docking algorithms in the field of glycobiology.

University of Bucharest

2003 - 2005

Master of Science (M.S.)

Physical Organic Chemistry & Drug Design

Advisor: Mihaela Hillebrand

Evaluated the affinity of coumarin derivatives and serum albumin using molecular simulation.

University of Bucharest

1999 - 2003

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Chemistry (Summa Cum Laudae)

Advisor: Mihaela Hillebrand


An Active Site Rearrangement within the Tetrahymena Group I Ribozyme Releases Nonproductive Interactions and Allows Formation of Catalytic Interactions

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Cation-Anion Interactions within the Nucleic Acid Ion Atmosphere Revealed by Ion Counting Studies

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Modulating RNA Alignment Using Directional Dynamic Kinks: Application in Determining an Atomic-Resolution Ensemble for a Hairpin using NMR Residual Dipolar Couplings

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Competitive interaction of monovalent cations with DNA from 3D-RISM

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A variational linear-scaling framework to build practical, efficient next-generation orbital-based quantum force fields

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Influence of C-5 substituted cytosine and related nucleoside analogs on the formation of benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide-dG adducts at CG base pairs of DNA

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